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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  October 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the smoke up and down this morning up and down i95. >> still burning for hours, jenny joyce out, there sue, nice weather. you're our breitbart spot once again. >> so windy at this time yesterday. so a lot of leaves came off the trees, but, now we'll see sunshine eventually. the problem is the days are getting shorter. so we have to wait a while for sunrise. nine out of ten today, bus stop buddy celebrating worlds pasta day with a nice bowl of spaghetti. we've got temperatures in the 50's, and 60s, and yes, it is a calm start compared to yesterday. our cold front has moved off shore. we only have a half mile visibility in atlantic city but seems to be one of the only foggy spots this morning, breezes are at 6 miles an hour, coming out of the northwest, so it will be refreshing today, i think, compared to yesterday. 58 degrees, 7:22, we've got to wait until then for official sunrise. sunset is 6:07. inbetween then, we'll have high temperature of
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65 degrees. bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, tick-tock, 5:00. and our top story also going to be the top traffic story. south philly's favorite bridget foy's, fire scene this morning, we will go out to jenny joyce there live at second and south, headhouse square, but this morning, be ready for alternates, instead of second street, you want to use either fourth or sixth. if you're headed down south street, you want to use pine or bainbridge, expect delays through the morning rush hour. septa also has buses 12 and 40 on detour. they've been trying to cut down some trees here, and running into problems, this is a live look at the montgomery drive onramp to go east on the schuylkill expressway. so, penndot waiting for a bigger saw from a private contractor. so that's going to cause delays through the morning rush hour. the benny looking good. no fog here. and mass transit, other than the two septa buses were off to good start, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. you mentioned it, let's get right to it, massive fire still burning at bridget foy's, let's get right out to the scene where jenny joyce is
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to explain what's happening, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, and i do want to better explain where this fire happened. so if you've ever eaten here at bridget foy you know the corner of second and south street. that's where the dining area is. where the fire is burning, is next-door, in a single story structure, that houses the kitchen. fire officials on scene tell me they do believe they can salvage the dining area, which is multiple floors next-door. the fire started around 1:30 this morning, fire officials say that when they arrived on scene, crews immediately enters the building and began attacking stubborn flames. after some time the firefighters were pulled from the building, because there is a concern of collapse. the conditions are just too dangerous. at this point, fire officials do not know where or how the fire started. the fire marshall is on scene investigating. and trying to learn more, from people who were hanging out on south street when the building went up in flames. >> when our fire marshals are
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doing now, actually going around, talking to people, seeing if anybody did to give us any insight on what happened. obviously this is a restaurant frequented by a lot of folks. and, you know, it is a real shame to lose an institution like that. >> and says 11 people have been displaced, no injuries have been reported, however, red paw relief now reporting two dogs that were inside of a neighboring property have died from smoke inhalation. the organization rescued several animals, from neighboring buildings, for people who were forced to evacuate here, karen. >> i just saw the relief from red paw relieve announcing the sad news, as well. more breaking news, weaver shooting suspect, now in jail. but his alleged get away driver still on the run escaping while still wearing handicuffs. that will be a big clue, during this manhunt, police stumbled on heroin and guns they say. let's get right out to lauren johnson to explain.
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lauren? >> karen, so this plays out sort of like a crime novel for police. one scene leads to another. and then the suspect ends up here. police think they were trying to make their way down the ends of russell street, to a drug house. this was the scene over the area last night, while police search for the two men. one of them police say drove a get-away car from shooting scene. nineteen year old hit once in the chest. witnesses new the men, told police to come here to tenth and russell. they spotted the car, pulled it over, arrested conde the driver. his friend ran away on foot. police track him down. when that happened, conde was able to escape, k9 brought if to help track down the man's scent but the dog sniffed out much moran extensive heroin packing and distribution operation of the. >> initially in plane view, while is her clinic for the 17 year old, when they found the drugs, the money, the packaging material, at least three weapons, and hundreds every rounds of ammunition. not certain what they recovered as a result of the
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search. but just the things we found preliminarilly, we believe, are worth excess of $100,000. >> also inside the house, many weapons, lot of cash. now, conde on the run, police searching for him, notice the massive neck tatoo, another smaller one over his eye, likely he's not still wearing the cuffs. police say he was place in the when he was put in the back that far car. if you see him, your area asked to call police, as for that shooting victim from l street, he's in stable condition, he was taken to temple hospital. karen? >> lauren, thank you. 5:05 the time. breaking news right now out of louise anna, two student at gambling state university have been shot and killed. they were on campus when this happened, according to investigators, police are searching for the gunman, a spokesprson for the university says this all happened during some kind of altercation that happened in a court yard, and they advise the students there to stay inside. all right, about to click over to 5:06. also developing on this very busy morning, two teenagers,
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16 years old, shot and killed, a double shooting killed these 216 year old last night around 8:30. there is the scene in south philadelphia. twelfth and ritner street. both of these boys were shot in the chest. they died over at the hospital. police right now say they're talking with witnesses, from that scene. >> there were two groups of possible juveniles, on the intersection of 12th and ritner. possibly some words exchanged. we don't know if it was an argument or words exchanged. someone pulled a gun. fired shots. we know at least three shots were fired. >> police are also looking to find that there is some nearby surveillance video that could help them with this investigation. >> five years, that's the sentence, for philadelphia's former district attorney, seth williams, pleaded guilty back in june to excepting a bribe from a businessman. this is all tied to accusations and charges he took more than $160,000 in gift for legal favors. his attorney says they were not surprised.
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>> no shock. we we were prepared for zer six months. there was no mystery in it, that was well within the guidelines, and given the fact that judge diamond revoked his bail on june 29th, we expected 60 month sentence. >> mr. williams is a criminal. he did not simply make a mistake. he engaged in these crimes continuously, over the course of many, many years, targeting different victims. >> so, williams will now be assigned to federal prison. he had asked for house arrest, so he could visit his sick mother, but the judge denied that request. that is same mother that he is accused every stealing from, as well. >> pretty scary time to be a septa worker in one community, after two have been targeted and robbed at gunpoint, now, police think, maybe the same gunman is behind both of these incidents. both drivers on their way to work at the commonly bus terminal in the northeast, when they were attackment the first robbery was two weeks ago, the second, just on friday. the suspect stole cash, and cell phone, workers are worried and calling for more pro toning sean out there. they want to see some better
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lighting and cameras. >> scan the area. see stranger, could be just be innocent person walking your way, but because of recent activities, and the robberies, you an are skeptical, you're hesitant. >> a septa spokesperson says they're working with the philadelphia police to track down who ever is responsible, in the meantime they've stepped up patrols in that area of the garage. >> 5:08. the community every coatesville coming to the. they want some answers. they gathered at the high school last night for a very big meeting, very upset over some recent racist incident. there was a lot of passionate teens who protested last week, after that, it was a black babydoll found hanging from the ceiling of high school lockerroom. then days late these pictures circulating around on social media showing student standing behind pumpkins carved with nazi symbols, kkk and swastikas. >> when the picture of the doll went around, my head nearly exploded. >> the first incident had been
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dealt with, the second incident would not have happened. >> so it was a pack house last night. you can see so many people came out because they're really upset. a lot of people there feel like the administration reacted to the protest in the wrong way. >> other school officials say they've gotten an investigation underway after video surface in the week showing several student from pope john paul ii high school, launching, laughing, and chanting the "n" word. the archdioces of philadelphia says they became aware monday that this racially charged video were circulating out there on social media. so they put out the statement saying in part we wish to be abundantly clear with all of you. that there is no place for hate, racism or bigotry at pope john paul ii, or any archdioces school. >> 5:09 is the time right now. new castle county, drugs, happen eunice, gang members, now offer the street this morning. an investigation that went all the way back through july. new castle county police are just releasing the indictments against multiple gang members, in the community of edgemore.
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eight adults and three juveniles were arrested and charged. police say they recovered heroin, marijuana, money, gang clothing, after executing a number of search warrant. >> indictment against two philadelphia political consultant tide to the re-election campaign of congressman bob brady back in 2012. federal prosecutors say that person, kenneth, seen here, with david jones, were part of scheme to donate $90,000 to brady's campaign rival in exchange to get him to drop out of the race. now, brady has de mid any wrong-doing, as part of this widening federal probe. former candidate jimmy moore, and his campaign aid, already pleaded guilty to their role in this case. >> there is a jewish cemetery, that is now finally restored. it has been eight months since vandals struck knocking over so many tombstones there, it was back in february when someone broke into the mount carmel cemetery and toppled more than 275 headstones. volunteers work for month to repair and to clean the
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headstones. mayor connecticut i became very emotional as he was touring the cemetery. >> people seem to have no respect or no decency whether it comes to honoring places like this, that should be honored, should be sacred, should be quiet. should be peaceful. >> this made national headlines when this happened. the cemetery then received more than $280,000 in donations from 3,000 people, all over the world, to upright and repair the headstones. >> 5:11 is the time. what's that smell? people in somerton want to know. it is really interesting. it is very sweet. maybe maple syrup. could it be vanilla? all right, we're investigating that one, getting out there, and also, if you are a driver in pennsylvania, get out your scraper. what you need to do right now so you don't get pulled over. bob kelly? >> don't want to see. that will morning, everybody, south jersey, coming to work. the headlight working your way in toward philadelphia. roads are dry, we don't have the fog, like we did
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yesterday. come on, let's go down the shore, as we say good morning to the board walk, little wet down the shore, though, in front of the pizza joint, justin timberlake bringing sexy back to the superbowl. sue has your forecast when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, reading, and to everyone just waking up with us right now, we're about to click over to 5:15-o
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this -- on this very busy wednesday. we start with a good note, which is our weather, sue. >> the cold front from yesterday, you see it off shore, a lot of thunderstorm activity with it, but not bothering us any more, in fact, kind of plaguing part every new england right now, now, we have secondary disturbance that will come through pretty die. but just reinforce the cooler air, that's already here. >> good morning, allentown, you're at 49 degrees right now, walking out the door. in reading, it is 50. pottstown, you're waking to up 50 degrees, doylestown, 51. good morning, millville. 58 degrees is your temperature. 64 degrees in cape may. down in row hope the beach it is 58. dover delaware at 56. so a bit cooler than it was yesterday. now, we were following some fog earlier. but it looks like conditions
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are improving. wind are picking up a little bit. as the rest of the colds front moves even further off shore. so, maybe some clouds out to our west. that's about it. much more tranquil today, than it was yesterday. atlantic city yesterday's high was 72 degrees, we got to early high of 75. here in philadelphia, once the cold front came through, we ended up with pretty decent afternoon. now today it will be a lot keel, about 10 degrees cooler, six an in the city, 64 in allentown, high in the up ear's in the mountains and lower 60s at the shore today. and beyond that, a cooler day tomorrow, 64 degrees, fine looking friday, 70 on saturday, and then the rainy day is sunday, and that means, cooler temperatures after that, but at least it looks dry for halloween. now remember, when you get in the car, tune to 101.1 more fm. get yourself all set to go. put your seatbelt on. get out on the roads and then what we going to find, bob kelly? >> then we will find some
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detours, all because after fire location, at headhouse square. good morning shall everybody, it is 5:16. i snapped a picture every bridget foy to give you idea. fire started right here, in this one-story area which contains the kitchen. right now this is what is still raging. i talk to firefighter. they say with the kitchen there is the grease, all of the cooking, the food, all of that in this one-story. now the 3-story stretch of the building here on the corner, is what houses the dining area, and of course the apartments above, so that's the scene there at second and south. watch for detours through the morning, your best alternate would be fourth or sixth street. stay away. we have over 100 firefighters on the scene right now. pine or bainbridge would be another good option. a lot of folks could also use columbus boulevard or delaware avenue as we called it back in the day. to kind of get yourself north or south. septa has bus routes 12 and route 40 on detour. and penndot having some trouble with some tree trimming here.
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the montgomery avenue onramp to go east on the schuylkill expressway, still closed this morning so everybody coming out from girard college area either use the martin luther king drive to get into town, so watch for detours, there, this morning, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:18. national news, party infighting between president trump and two of his staunch republican critics, arizona senator jeff flake said he's had enough of the current administration while announcing he is not seeking re-election. >> the impulse to scape gate and belittle turns news fearful backward looking people, in the case of the republican party, those things also threaten to turn us into a fearful backward looking minority party. >> senator flake follows tennessee congressman bob corker dropping his re-election bid and criticizing the white house. >> do you think the president is defacing the nation? >> i don't think there is any question. but that's the case.
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us just in the way he conduct himself, and goes to such a low level, just i do. >> so those comment prompted whole flurry every tweets from president trump calling senator corker incompetent and referring to him as little and light weight despite the spat the white house says the president is focusing on tax reform and pushing his agenda forwards. did vote to repeal rule that allows class action laws suits against banks by regular folks. so, they're pulling that back, the vote passed narrowly with vice president pence casting the final vote, breaking 50-50 tie. so the rule used to allow consumers to ban together to sue their banks or credit card companies to resolve financial disputes. so this is all part every effort by the trump administration and republicans and congress to undo regulations, the party believes to be harmful to the free market. thirty-six members of the delaware national guard, they're in puerto rico waking up there this morning to help with the relief efforts badly needed in the wake of
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hurricane maria. these soldiers left smyrna readiness center yesterday. their truck drivers and maintenance personnel and they're expected to be henge to transport the supplies getting it all around that island. >> and some disturbing new details revealed about the sandy hook elementary school shooter. more than 1500 pages of documents were released by the f.b.i. these documents show the gunman, adam lanza, carefully and threat odd i cannily planned out the shooting, he had reportedly become a shut-in, who had not left his home in month. lanza killed his mother first before going to the school and killing 26 people including those 20 little first graders. he later killed himself. >> 5:20. police in franklin township need some help tracking down burglary suspect. let's show you some video. this was monday night. police responds today alarm, the waltz grocery and deli over on tuckahoe road. they say the store's front door was smashed which allowed the suspect to get in. police released the video in hopes of figuring out who that guy is. >> exciting news for the city of camden. this is good.
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new program mulling out offering free education, how about that? this is called the cooper health carreers initiative. and the first class began yesterday. this will offer student job training, medical coding. it is a public and private project helping unemployed young adult with the high school diploma or ged. people in camden can enroll for free, and the best part, student in the program are guaranteed a job when they graduate. that's a fabulous program. >> 5:21, so we've got this mysterious smell everyone is talking about, it is rolling around in somerton. the community there baffled. nobody can quite figure out what it is. people started in the g the smell just couple every days ago. then, facebook blew up when someone asked why does the entire far northeast huntingdon valley smell like molasses or maybe sweet spicy smell? many thought maybe it is coming from the demolition of the old nabisco plant that used to make the neighborhood smell like oreo cookies. how yummy. but workers say that's impossible. then there was another neighbor who gave us a pretty good clue.
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>> my only thought would be the jelly factory down there. >> it could be the jelly factory. turns out police think that maybe the answer. the factory on tomlinson road produces jams and jellies and syrups, and over the last couple every days, they've been cooking up industrial size vats of fruit, and other sweet sauces. >> still to come: a change in store. after a century long relationship, sears, severs ties with one of its very popular brands. the dispute, though, led to that all. we will be right back.
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steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
5:25 am
>> sears is no longer going to sell whirlpool appliances ending its century olds relationship with that company. they say whirlpool making demands that would have made it hard to sell those appliances at a competiive price. this break up means that sears will also stop selling whirlpool smaller brands, including maytag, kitchen aid, and jen air. they will, however, continue selling kenmore products, many still made bid whirlpool. starbucks announces new bottle drinks that will be hitting store shelves next year the company will release two colds blue flavors, vanilla, and figure, and un sweetened black. also be almond milk frappuccino in vanilla and mocha, then coffee smoothies. will come in chocolate, banana
5:26 am
vanilla and honey ban and a you'll be able to get them where ever groceries are sold. >> chilly cheeseburger, chilly cheese dog, chilly cheese fries, these are limited education menu items, will be sold november 2nd, philadelphia, we've got shake shacks on samson and chestnut streets, also, two shake shacks at the king of prussia mall. >> we have lot every breaking news on this morning so much happening still at bridget foy's, jenny? >> she will be out there with the live report from that scene right, there as you can see, the water coming down, we have the latest on, that plus, so many more developing stories, still happening. we will be right back.
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>> breaking this morning, wild scene? north philadelphia, we're showing this pictures, that's a suspect that escaped from police custody, they say now we've got a big manhunt to find him. >> more breaking news, a iconic restaurant on south street, goes up in flames. bridget foy's burning right now. we've got lift recover. >> too two teens shot to death in sout south philadelphia now e search for their killer. good day everybody on this
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very busy wednesday, i'm karen hepp, thomas drayton off this morning, sue serio, bob kelly the whole gang here, so we've got little traffic issues to deal with but not too badly in traffic and big detours, of course the fire in south philadelphiament going there live, a crazy morning down there. >> rocking and rolling today, sue. luckily the weather not a problem. >> quite different from 24 hours ago when it was very windy and rain on the doorstep. so, things much more tranquil this morning, going with nine out every ten, ended up with decent afternoon, and today calm start. just perfect for having a bowl of pasta for breakfast, bus stop buddy and excited the six remembers playing at home tonight at least all of the rain has move off shore so visibility, watching it earlier, but looks like not real a problem with fog any more throughout the region. we've got 6-mile per hour winds out of the northwest, and i think that's helping, so, it is 58 degrees, with sunrise official at 7:22 is up
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set 6:07. seasonable high temperature of 65 degrees. >> you do know the kids will now have spaghetti for breakfast since bus stop buddy having spaghetti. you know it, kids, let's do it, 5:31, top story and top trafficker story, bridge bridgey fire at second and south, alternates this morning, fourth or sixth street, pine or bainbridge, active fire, go there live septa detouring bus routes 12 and 40, so, expect gridlock at least through the morning, midday, there, at headhouse square. now, here is a live look, penndot still working, blocking the ramps, from montgomery drive o go east into town on the schuylkill expressway. tree trimming crew, bit off more than they can chew. now all traffic is forced to use the martin luther king drive coming down montgomery drive. that will add some time to
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your trip. delays on the freeway, as you work your way in toward philly, karen, back over to you. >> south street, where bridget foy, so many people have been there, been around for decades; on fire, as we speak. we get out to jenny joyce at the scene, jenny? >> they've been maintaining this fire at two alarms, more than 100 firefighters, have been heavily attacking this scene, shooting hoses, from above. popular restaurant, bridget foy at second and south. fire commissioner says the call came in around 1:20 a.m. this morning. the kitchen and basement areas are total lost, fire officials say at this point, they're hoping to salvage the main dining areas, and prevent this fire from reaching any neighboring properties. >> red paw relief two, dogs in a neighboring building died from smoke inhalation. and the fire was so intense, crews were pulled from the
5:33 am
inside of the building, and then spent the last few hours, attacking flames, from the street. >> interior structural collapses might lose the roof, also allows us to focus forces on adjacent occupancy, what we call exposure, making sure to keep fire out of any other buildings. >> commissioner says at least 11 people are displace from the neighboring properties, the red cross is assisting those people. and to give you some perspective, this is the section of the restaurant that's on fire, i believe we have google image shows the back of the restaurant where the kitchen is housed single story structure, this is the focus of the fire fight this morning. karen? >> what a busy morning we have. lauren on one breaking story, now moved over to another. happening now, in kensington, where police are investigating a triple shooting, where one of the victims has died. let's get right taught to lauren right now, with what we're learning, lauren?
5:34 am
>> police searching for gunman, here at b and westmoreland, but this all started when a shooting happened, at a bar, at b street and allegheny. the shooting suspect, drove away from that scene and crash here at b and westmoreland. good samaritan called to call 911, and the suspect shot and killed him watch we know, 24 year old hispanic male driven by police pronounced at 2:29 a.m. at temple hospital. a 31 year old hispanic female also shot in the abdomen. she was taken to temple in stable condition. and a 51 year old man was slot in the head and neck, in stable condition, as well at temple hospital. so you can see back out here live at the scene, very active, you can see some here, police have this entire neighborhood blocked off. as they search for that shooter who was driving that dark model car we'll try to get better vantage point for you the next time we check in with you guys. >> lauren, thank you, so business, to the story lauren
5:35 am
was on just half hour ago, shooting suspect in jail. captured, alleged get away driver on the run escaping from police custody while he was still wearing handcuffs. let's get up over the scene, skyfox, north tenth street and west russell. that is where police say the 17 year old suspect ran away, just before 8:00. police have already arrested the 19 year old alleged shooter about an hour earlier in juniata, as officers were searching for these two guys, they found a heroin factory, they say. >> we had k9 dog follow the scent, down the street, to the 900 block every russell street, into a garage. the garage door was open, and when police went into the garage following the scent, that's when they found a whole another investigation. and they found large quantities what appeared to be packaged heroin. >> so this is the suspect that police are still looking for right now his name is
5:36 am
lamik-conde, several tattoos, and one above the eye, that says family. if you know anything where where he might be please call police. we also have this developing story. two teenagers, 16 years old, shot in the chest and they died. the two, 16 year old killed in this double shooting happened last night, there is the scene, 12th and ritner streets, in south philadelphia. it was about 8:30. both of these boys were shot in the chest. they raised them to the hospital. but they died. police right now say they're trying to speak with witnesses from the scene. >> there were two groups of possible juveniles at the intersection of 12th and ritner, possibly some words exchanged, we don't know if it was an argument or just words exchange. someone pulled a gun. fired shots. we know at least three shots were fired. >> so investigators are working very hard, obviously, thon one, trying to go to nearby businesses and homes and see if there are any surveillance cameras there that may have captured video to help with their
5:37 am
investigation. 5:36. advising anyone that's aa are- driver here, and has a license plate on your vehicle, to get your old stickers off your plates because out of state police officers are pulling over pennsylvania drivers because our stickers are out-dated. state police advise drivers who are pulled over to very politely explain that there has been a change in the law and show officers registration paperwork, get out your scrapers and get the old ones off. >> also, changes coming to schools in burlington new jersey next year. kids will be so happy about this one, we've been begging for it forever. schools starting a lot late, for specially the teenagers. been extensive research that shows that teens function better when they get more sleep. they also hope there will be more daylight during the mornings in the winter for kids that walk to school. so let's take a look at the new times right there. so for some of the upper schoolers, they'll be coming in 20 minute later at about 7:55. sixth graders at wilbur watts intermediate school in around
5:38 am
8:05, just five minute later, and then the little dudes, and dudeetts no change for preschoolers at three elementary schools will still come in at 8:25. all right, 5:38. former sixer stars, charles barkley, doing a lot of wining, we'll explain what we mean with that one, remember sir charles? serving up something new. but first here is christen rodgers big win but some big losses for the eagles. how the team is planning to step up with leaders injured, next in sports.
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>> carson lengths leading the team and reminding doug pederson of another great quarterback. >> as long as he stays in that minds frame, in that state every minds, can he definitely go onto have a fine season, which he, you know, definitely off to a good start, a lot of ball, but seeing some of the same things i saw with brett, you know, in carson. >> flyers hosting anaheim last night, second period, nolan patrick gets his head slammed up against the board, he went down, did not return to the game. third period, ryan, gets the goal here for anaheim. flyers fall six-two. game one of the world series, astros, dodgers tide in the sixth. justin turner goes deep it left center. this ball is gone.
5:42 am
two runs shot, dodgers go up three-one, that's the final score. la takes game one of the series three-one, that's sports in a minute, i'm kristin rogers.
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>> pennsylvania, thank you so much for joining us, if you're just joining us, about to click over to 5:45. finally, here's bob kelly, dancing away right there, checking the roads. >> i'm dancing away, i get my wednesday morning dance party going on. notice the lights up pink in allentown. good morning to the montgomery drive, still working here, penndot, they go out, they start tree trimming and then realize the trees are bigger than the saws that they have. so they're waiting for a private contractor to come in. bottom line, montgomery drive ramp, to go east on the schuylkill, closed at the moment. , accident here, southbound boulevard, right at ninth street. it is right before you get into the what we call the tunes, cents the tunnels thereto take you down toward the schuylkill expressway. accident, west on the turnpike at norristown. , alternates, fourth or six,
5:46 am
pine or bainbridge, stay way from that area. philly firefighters well over 100 pieces every equipment, trying to knock this down, and prevent it from spreading, putting a picture up, so here you are second and south the area currently where the fire started and where we still see the flames. the kitchen area, the firefighters, said that kitchen area, of course, where the grease, you know, fryers are located and this is the 3-story build that hasment and the and of course the dining area. >> watch for detours around second and south the rest of the morning, and sue has your forecast coming up in 15 seconds.
5:47 am
>> starting off with much more tranquil morning than we had yesterday when the winds was blowing, and then the rain came. a lot of weather drama, in the morning, but, luckily, things are much better right now, we look at the parkway. your weather headlines today, cooler weather pattern in place, starting today. , it will be dry through saturday. no more rain in the forecast until sunday. and that's when it could be rainy, stormy, and even cooler after that. so here is our cold front from yesterday. we lock at the surface map. another weaker disturbance probably slide through later on with just few clouds. today 58 degrees, lancaster starting off with 52. and doylestown, chilly 49 degrees, walking naught trenton, 55, atlantic city, 58 . and in ellen dale, delaware, 53 to start your wednesday morning. things looking good as far as visibility. we had some fog in new jersey, pretty thick earlier, but seems to have dissipated. and it is looking better, all of the rain has moved off
5:48 am
shore. as we mention it, should stay dry for the rest of the work week, and even into saturday. reading and trenton, highs of 75 degrees. yesterday, so did we here in philadelphia, 72 atlantic city and looking ahead, about 10 degrees cooler most places than we were on tuesday, with a high later on today of 6564 friday, nice weather for saturday, saturday evening, we will have the light the night walk for the leukemia and lymphoma society. it is at eakin's oval, should be beautiful for, that then the rain rolls in probably in the afternoon sunday, and the winds pick up, then much cooler monday and tuesday, halloween, but, karen, we don't like it to rain on trick-or-treat day. and it looks now like it won't. >> fabulous. a lot of costumes designed for cooler temperatures. we do have sad passing in our entertainment news. we are mourning the loss really of an icon. >> ♪
5:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> actor robert guillaum has died at his home in los angeles. he was 89 years old, and had a wonderful life. you may remember him of course from benson, he suffered some complications from pros kate cancer, he's phone for starring on the sit comes like soap and benson, in which he played abut letter turned government official. ender him two emmies on the show, he was born robert peter williams. and he also appeared on sports night and the voice of rafek. in the lion king. looks like fans of the car ash yan will have more time to keep one them. just signed them to new deal runs through 2019. here is the thing runs for staggers $150 million they got in this deal. which is the largest ever in reality tv history.
5:50 am
so don't know exactly how they're dif i the money up, but said chris is getting 15 million in management fees. cards ash yan's just began shooting season 15 yesterday. >> trending right now, tiger woods expected to plead guilty to wreckless driving lit later today, also expected to be entering a program foreign intoxicated drivers as part of a plea bargain following the dui arrest back in pavement court records reveal woods had prescription drugs and marijuana system l spend year in probation, pay 250 fine. also have to complete 20 hours of community service. >> come inch cap nerve reportedly signed a million dollars book deal. reporting his book will be publish by random house according to espn. still looking for different publisher, so we'll see. the former 49ers gained publicity after protesting police brutality by kneeling
5:51 am
during the national anthem at games. recently filed a grievance against the nfl owners for collusion saying his social activism has kept him from being signed by another team. >> and sir charles, getting into the wine business, and for a good cause. the former nba star, sixer, produced three different bottles. red blends, chardonay, and reserve blends, each bottle says a charles barkley selection on the label. all proceeds will reportedly go to charity. >> one every them tastes like sweat. >> now, would you stop. didn't he used to do the sir charles maybe did the gray pew upon commercials, as well. >> did he ever do those? >> i might be wrong. but i thought he d or remember he used to dot deodorant commercials? >> i don't remember those either. >> i have to google my charles barkley commercials. he had a ton. >> what was the tag line of gray poupon? >> oh,. >> but of course. >> do you have any gray
5:52 am
poupon? >> then the rolls royce, ya. did you see chris o'connell's story last night, just few hours ago a smell, sweet sticky smell in the city of philadelphia. >> mable is her up? >> i don't know. >> van all? >> they finally figured out what it was like molasses, turns out jelly factory, i've never been to a jelly fact from time to time i would like to go. >> how much fun. i bet they have big vats every fruit they boil up. what's that smell? the smell all around you. >> i don't know that one either. i just don't know anything you're talking about, karen. >> a song playing right now. >> so my question, if you could have had the city of philadelphia smell like anything, what would it be? >> instead of urine, what woth smell you want philadelphia to smell like? >> i like vanilla good one, pumpkin, maybe we could change
5:53 am
the scent, depending on the season. >> he can every season the sit i would have different scent. i like sin a buns, the smell after cinnabun. >> look a -- almost addictive when you go to the mall, you feel like you have to get one? >> oh, sticky buns. what's your smell? >> apparently the jelly factory in the somerton section? we have to go there. i have never been to a jelly factory, probably ton of games, strawberries, they mix it all up, then it turns into a gel continue. >> well, pre serves, take it as a good day trip. also, we will do something we've never done before, bike ride in a whole different way. and settle a score. >> she and i got into an argument over bike built for two. we found a bike where we ride next to each other. one every sus going to kill the other today. >> good-bye, mike, too bad we're out of time. we will be right back as we take a live look outside right now. pocono mountains, see you in two minute.
5:54 am
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>> ♪ >> snow need to be humble on this morning, looking at my
5:57 am
charles barkley commercials, it was the right guard commercial, definately deodorant one, i'll see if there are other ones. capitol one is well. some familiar faces seen at the big game of course, eagles game, on monday night. who was there. >> well, john dorenbos. we know he just had the surgery recently because he had the heart condition. that was so alarming, then he had to have the emergency open heart surgery. looks like he's doing great. look who he is with. former phillie cole hamels, also back in our area we love them supporting our team. also, lot and lot every breaking news, a massive fire burning at bridget foy, a live report in two minute. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
5:58 am
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>> straighted up 6:00 active scene in south philadelphia, on south street, second and south. >> bridget foy burns for hours, it still is. just off headhouse square, second and south. we're there. >> he's still on the run, leading to shocking discovery. what police found while trying to track down a man who escaped from the back of a cop car. jordan's case a ruptured achilles, and so he'll be missed for the season, jason peters,


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